YOSHI 1988 (Wooden box)

Manufacturer : NIKKA

Place of Production : Hokkaido

Raw Material : Single malt

Rice Refinement :

Alcohol : 55%

Volume : 700 ml

Introduction :

Since Japanese whiskey has become very popular in the international liquor industry, various whiskeys have become precious. Among them, “YOSHI” has been discontinued because of the increased demand for its raw wine, which shows how precious “YOSHI” is!

The “YOSHI distillery” brewed a limited series of “20 Years of Storage” series every year from 1986 to 1990. After the 1987 Single Malt Whisky was launched in 2007, it was instantly wiped out in the market. And the one called 1988 launched the following year has become another representative of this series, with wooden box packaging, limited to only 3500 bottles in the world!

This type of whiskey is “raw wine”, which means “the most original whiskey”. It is made from a single oak barrel and retains the original alcohol strength without cooling. YOSHI 1988 is made from the long-term fermented pure wheat whiskey distilled and barreled in 1988. The color is reddish, with a hint of vanilla and honey. The taste will be richer and thicker because it is matured for a long time,!


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