Rita 30 Years Apple Brandy

Manufacturer : NIKKA

Place of Production : YOCHI Distillery

Raw Material : Single Malt

Rice Refinement :

Alcohol : 43%

Volume : 700ml

Introduction :

To commemorate the 80th anniversary of NIKKA’s founding, NIKKA launched “Rita 30 Year Old Apple Brandy” named after Taketsuru Masataka’s wife Rita, limited to 1,000 bottles. Why does a whisky distillery introduce apple brandy? It is because it takes many years to brew whiskey. Yoichi is rich in apples, the Yoichi Distillery initially relied on the production of apple juice and cider to support the company’s operations.

“Rita 30 Year Old Apple Brandy” uses original apple brandy that has been aged for 30 years. At first, there was a taste of roasted apple peel and vanilla, followed by cinnamon and a slight spicy taste. The taste is full-bodied, creamy and mature woody. The aftertaste is thick and long, with the sweet and sour taste of apple. The wine bottle is accompanied by a wine-red label, coupled with the design of apple blossoms, fruits and gilding, which fully reflects the luxurious aroma and taste of apple brandy. A sip of the 30-year-old apple brandy is like feeling that Rita has spent her entire life supporting her husband in making whiskey.


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