HIBIKI Japanese Harmony Master Select (The Wheel Version)

Manufacturer : SUNTORY

Place of Production : YAMAZAKI Distillery

Raw Material : Blended Malt

Rice Refinement :

Alcohol : 43%

Volume : 700ml

Introduction :

Japan’s Suntory Company has launched a limited-edition master select whisky, which is also the first whisky of the HIBIKI series that can only be purchased at DFS. The bottle shows the harmony of the arts and crafts of Japanese culture. The exquisite design draws blooming cherry blossoms and water wheels, which were regarded as good luck and prosperity during the Edo period of Japan. The limited edition of Master Select with this meaning is definitely a good gift. HIBIKI Japanese Harmony Masters Select has at least 10 types of malt and grains, aged in 5 different types of barrels. Under the supervision of the third-generation bartender, great-grandson of the founder of SHINGO TORII, and the fourth-generation chief bartender, SHINJI FUKUYO, the noble and harmonious characteristics of Yamazaki sherry barrels are perfectly mixed, and more than 10 types Original sake from Yamazaki, Hakushu and Chita breweries are integrated.


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