HIBIKI Blossom Harmony

Manufacturer : SUNTORY
Place of Production : Yamazaki, Hakushu, Chita distillery
Raw Material : Blended malt
Rice Refinement :
Alcohol : 43%
Volume : 700ml
Introduction : HIBIKI finally launched a new product- HIBIKI Blossom Harmony! The last new product launched is in 2018! It is made from a blend of HIBIKI’s basic original wine and “original wine matured in cherry barrels”, which is a limited product under the brand Suntory. Thanks to the steps of adding cherry blossom barrels, the wine has a refreshing taste and a gorgeous floral fragrance. The aftertaste is rich and mellow, which is refreshing. Hundred flowers are drawn on the label to echo each other’s name, and the contrast of red shows gorgeousness which speaks for itself.


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