HIBIKI 35 Years Kutaniyaki

Manufacturer : SUNTORY

Place of Production : Yamazaki, Hakushu, Chita distillery

Raw Material : Blended malt

Rice Refinement :

Alcohol : 40%

Volume : 700ml

Introduction :

HIBIKI 35 Years Kutaniyaki is made only with rare wines aged over 35 years. Opening the bottle, you can smell the woody aroma, sweet aroma of ripe fruit which rich and mellow. Aftertaste lasts long. This wine is all contained in handmade Kutaniyaki ceramic bottles to pay tribute to Japanese ceramic culture. The Kutaniyaki painting is gorgeous, and the glaze is mainly in red, green, purple, yellow, and blue color. Blue, yellow and green are much more being used than the other two.


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