Noguchi Naohiko 01 Vintage 2017

Manufacturer : Noguchi-Naohiko Sake Institute Inc.
Place of Production : Ishikawa Prefecture
Raw Material : Hyogo Agata Tojo Special A District Yamada Nishiki 100%
Rice Refinement : N/A (Not publicized)
Alcohol : 17%
Volume : 770ml
Introduction :
Pursuit of brewing technology for 70 years has earned Noguchi Naohiko reputation of “God of Brewing”. He challenged to brew the best wines of 2017. This wine’s brewing process was supervised by Mr. Noguchi, and it took about a year to complete. Original bottle designed by famous artist Toshio Ohichi from Ishikawa Prefecture, and is limited to 5,500 bottles. It is difficult to get one due to rareness. Just a few bottles are left for sale, call us at 2808 0908 as soon as possible if you are interested.


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