Kokuryu Nizaemon Junmai Daiginjo

Manufacturer : Kokuryu Sake Maker
Place of Production : Fukui Prefecture
Raw Material : Yamadanishiki
Rice Refinement : 35%
Alcohol : 15%
Volume : 720ml
Introduction :
“Nizaemon”is another first-line product of Kokuryu Sake Maker. It is named after the original master Ishidaya Nizaemon. It collects sake into a bottle without adding external pressure and adopts the unique maturing method of its Sake Maker. Its scent has a high degree of variation and fineness, and its taste is sweet, smooth and easy for everyone to accept. It has the smell of melon peel, three pots, candied fruits, and candied fruit; the latter part brings out the sweet aroma of minerals, wild ginger flowers, and ripe melons. It can be paired with dried fruits or slightly extreme-taste dishes, such as tempura with pomelo pepper, Yundan and other cold foods. In Japan, it is recommended to pair with offal or raw horse meat.


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