Juyondai Ryusen Daigokujyomorohaku Jumai Daiginjo

Manufacturer : Takagi Sake Maker
Place of Production : Yamagata Prefecture
Raw Material : Yamadanishiki
Rice Refinement : 35%
Alcohol : 16%
Volume : 720 ml
Introduction :
Juyodai is known as the magic wine of Yamagata Prefecture in Japan. It has history of more than 300 years. It is made with Aiyama rice, Yamadanishiki rice and Yamagata rice and Yamagata Prefecture’s river water. It is a fragrant and mellow wine. Famous foodie Chua Lam called the Juyodai “Sake No. 1”.
Ryusen is the best product of Juyodai. It is made with Yamadanishiki from Hyogo Prefecture’s Special A area and is made with a method of “Shichitarenijukkan”. It is scarce and only brewed once a year with 200 bottles each time. It is the most popular sake among Japanese. The “Double Dragon and Spring” icon and seal on the box of Ryusen came from the hand of Hong Kong’s famous engraver Chen Jinrong, which is very precious. There is fruity aroma when you first drink Ryusen. Yubari melon aroma is strong. The taste is soft with high variation. Aftertaste is strong and long-lasting.


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