Juyondai Yuki Megami Jumai Daiginjo

Manufacturer : Takagi Sake Maker
Place of Production : Yamagata Prefecture
Raw Material : Yuki Megami produced in Yamagata Prefecture
Rice Refinement : 35%
Alcohol : 15%
Volume : 720ml
Introduction :
Sake rice of“Yuki Megami”is a blend of sake rice “出羽の里(mother)” and “蔵の華(father)”. It took 15 years to develop. “蔵の華(father)” is a blend of Yamadanishiki, in other words Yamadanishiki is its “grandfather”! The special feature of this variety of sake rice is that the central white part of the rice is greater with a higher harvest rate. Low protein content of the rice is very suitable for brewing Daiginjo. Sake using“Yuki Megami”sake rice has also won Gold Award from Japan National New Sake Appraisal.


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