Juyondai Jumai Daiginjo Hizoshu Ancient Sake

Manufacturer : Takagi Sake Maker
Place of Production : Yamagata Prefecture
Raw Material : Yamadanishiki
Rice Refinement : 40%
Alcohol : 15%
Volume : 1.8L
Introduction :
Ancient Sake “Hizoshu” Junmai Daiginjo is a rare treasure of Juyodai. “Hizoshu”is a sake stored in the winery for a long time. Generally at least 5 years. It has strong rice fragrant and is a work of art in Japanese sake. Although it is an ancient wine, as a product of Juyodai, the fruity aroma of apple pits mixed with banana syrup still continues, complementing the mellowness of the ancient wine.


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