Isojiman Junmai Daiginjo 42 Spring Breeze

Manufacturer : Isojiman Sake maker
Place of Production : Shizuoka Prefecture
Raw Material : Yamadanishiki100%
Rice Refinement : 42%
Alcohol : 16-17%
Volume : 720ml
Introduction :
Isojiman Sake Maker, located in Shizuoka Prefecture, was designated sake maker at the Hokkaido G8 Summit in 2008. Its product quality is well-known and widely recognized.
Under the warmth of the spring season, Isojiman Sake Maker launched a spring limited edition – Isojiman Junmai Daiginjo 42 Spring Breeze. Spring breeze is not only brewed with the finest premium rice Yamada Nishiki from Hyogo Prefecture, but also blended with high-grade water from the Oigawa River in the Alps, combined with excellent home-made yeast, and fermented for up to 70 hours at low temperatures. In addition, Spring breeze 42 using rice polished to 42%, so the taste of the sake is very smooth. The slightly sour body shows the unique sweetness which is a characteristics of Isojiman. The taste is round and plump with a high degree of change. The sake also brings aroma of white peach, cantaloupe, Fuji apple, which is refreshing and is indeed the first choice for the taste of spring.


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