Isojiman Jumaidaiginjo M

Product Name : Isojiman Jumaidaiginjo M

Manufacturer : Isojiman Sake Maker

Place of Production : Shizuoka Prefecture

Raw Material : Hyogo Prefecture Special A Region Tojo Akitsu Nishido Furuke Tokujo Yamada Nishiki

Rice Refinement : 40%

Alcohol : 16-17%

Volume : 720ml

Introduction :

Isojiman Jumaidaiginjo M using sake rice of AAA grade Jumaidaiginjo from Tojo Akitsu region of ​​Hyogo prefecture (Nishido, Tsukata, and Furuya) and flowing water from the Southern Alps, slowly fermented at an ultra-low temperature. The three kinds of sake rice absorb water and ferment independently for about 70 hours, and then use pre-preserved high-quality yeast to facilitate the process. The maximum temperature of fermentation is 10°C. It was  put in a clean wine bag during the making process, and the sake was collected with minimum pressure. The collected sake has a natural and mysterious fruity aroma and rich taste. After 10 days, these three types of Jumaidaiginjo will be blended together with exquisite technology.


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