Kudokijyozu Junmai Daiginjo Gokutsubushi

Manufacturer : Kamenoi Brewing
Place of Production : Yamagata Prefecture
Raw Material : Dewasansan, rice koji
Rice Refinement : 22%
Alcohol : 17-18%
Volume : 1.8L
Introduction : The meaning of “Gokutsubushi”in Kudokijyozu Junmai Daiginjo Gokutsubushi is named with the last words of the Kamenoi Brewing’s predecessor. It means that the sake brewing will collapse if no good management system is imposed and only blindly brew alcohol. “Gokutsubushi” uses 22% polished rice from Yamagata Prefecture’s 11-year-old Dewasansan, with Ogawa No. 10 yeast. The taste is rich and mellow, with a soft taste and a sweet aftertaste. It is recommended to match with hot pot, seafood, Chinese dishes or grilled food. Scarce quantity, thus quick to taste it without hesitation.


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