Kudokijozu Jumaidaiginjo Shiboritate

Manufacturer : Kamenoi Sake Maker

Place of Production : Yamagata Prefecture

Raw Material : Bakurocho「Dewa No Sato」

Rice Refinement : 48%

Alcohol : 16-17%

Volume : 1.8L

Introduction :

Kudokijozu Jumaidaiginjo Shiboritate is a seasonal limited product of Kudokijozu. It uses the sake rice “Dewa no Sato” produced in Hagurocho and carries out rice refinement to 48%. By squeezing together with Ogawa M310 yeast, the refreshing taste of this new sake is only available in winter. Even if it is not filtered, the balance of sweetness and pungency is good, with less roughness and off-flavors. The taste is light and elegant.


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