Kudokijozu Jr. Tokujo Aiyama 33 Jumaidaiginjo

Manufacturer : Kamenoi Sake Maker

Place of Production : Yamagata Prefecture

Raw Material : Banshu Aiyama

Rice Refinement : 33%

Alcohol : 16-17%

Volume : 720ml

Introduction :

In the new era of Japanese sake, the quality of sake at each brewery is constantly improving. Apart from taste, it also adds a little bit of its own value. Men who “create value in a new field” are called “Junior”. Kudokijozu Brewing Factory inherits Kamenoi sake maker and continues to explore, using the extremely rare sake rice “Banshu Aiyama” and sticking to the original intention of “Junior”. Even if the success rate is only 8.3%, only the most advanced sake are used to make Kudokijozu Jr. Tokujo Aiyama 33 Jumaidaiginjo.


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