Kokuryo Kijo Sake

Manufacturer : Kokuryo Sake Maker

Place of Production : Fukui Pefecture

Raw Material : Gohyakuman Goku

Rice Refinement : 55%

Alcohol : 12%

Volume : 720ml

Introduction :

Kokuryo Kijo Sake uses “Kokuryu Jungin”, which is light and easy to drink. You can experience new flavors that are as sweet and sour as ripe fruits. You can see the beautiful green shimmering on the surface of the swaying liquid.

When the glass turned, the juicy fruity aromas of rising Japanese pears, lychees and white peaches complement the ripe fruity aromas similar to coconut milk, giving a soft impression. The soft and delicate fresh taste is matched with the right amount of sweetness and acidity, which not only achieves a perfect balance but also gives people a refreshing feeling, just as sweet and delicious as drinking white peach sweet soup.


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