Juyondai Shichitarenijukkan Jumai Diginjo

Manufacturer : Takagi Sake Maker
Place of Production : Yamagata Prefecture
Raw Material : Japanese Sake Rice
Rice Refinement : 35%
Alcohol : 15%
Volume : 720ml
Introduction :
“Shichitarenijukkan”is the top sake of Juyodai. It is the top product of Juyodai brewed by the technique of “Shichitarenijukkan”. “Kan” is the weight unit used in the past (1:3.75). “Nijukkan” is 75 kilograms, and “Shichitare” refers to a small amount of dripping sake or a small amount of sake bottled in“Tobin”. “Shichitare” is a new work launched in 2009. It belongs to dripping (Shizuku) sake. It is brewed from the recent well-known Aiyama rice. The taste has the sweetness of ripe fruits such as melon and white peach, with a touch of sourness of citrus and lemon. The fragrance is full and soft, with a high degree of variation and depth.


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