Daishichi 「Tamayorigozen・Ginkan」Kimotodukuri Jumaidaiginjo・Shizuku Undiluted Sake

Manufacturer : Daishichi Sake Maker

Place of Production : Fukushima Prefecture

Raw Material : Yamada Nishiki

Rice Refinement : 50%

Alcohol : 16%

Volume : 720ml

Introduction :

The World Heritage Takanoyama celebrated its 1200 anniversary in 2015. The special commemorative wine brewing project held that year was planned as early as 2010 in cooperation with Daishichi Sake Maker in Fukushima Prefecture. The rare 1200th anniversary commemorative sake- Kimotodukuri Junmai Daiginjo Shizuku Undiluted Sake“Tamayorigozen・Ginkan”was born in this 5-year project. This wine selects the best Yamada Nishiki and carries out special rice refinement technique using original ultra-flat rice technology. It has a high degree of completion. After several years of fermentation, its quality has reached its peak.


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